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This is only for the purpose of sending the money to you. The necessary information is the following: Your full name, your private phone number, your full address.

If you give me the above information and full acceptance and I will send the money to Spain, so that you will receive it for me before I start coming.

Thank you very much for your honest response and I am very happy to hear from you and know that you are willing to help me. Thanks a lot.

The money is 19.6 million euros in cash, and I want you to help me bring this amount to Spain until I can come. It is from this money that will pay for the property. In addition, I am going to give you 30 percent of the 19.6 million euros in commission for their help.

My reason for asking for your help is because I cannot move the money by bank transfer. However, I have an arrangement to move all the cash to Spain, but it is needed to receive it for me.

Let me explain the delivery arrangement. Every week, a Red Cross relief plane leaves Baghdad, Iraq for Europe to carry essentials back to Iraq, so the amount is hidden in a metal box and sent as a diplomatic package through the Red Cross plane to London, UK. Automatically, the package will have diplomatic immunity that protects the package and its recipient. When you arrive in London, I have arranged for a diplomat who will pick up the delivery from the Red – Cross plane and then deliver it to you in Spain. I have thought through this agreement carefully and I can assure you that my confidence is high that the delivery will take place in a safe manner.

I can send the money to you by box this week. All that is required for delivery to take place is your full name and address. I beg you to accept this deal because I sincerely wish to get the money out of the way before I leave Iraq. I don’t want to leave without first moving the money from here. Hope you can understand.

NOTE: I will send the money in a box containing your personal things / merchandise and not money. Therefore, the diplomat who will receive the money in the box from the United Kingdom, Europe and take it to Spain, you never know what the money contains.

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