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I want to come back

I am currently in Brisbane, Australia. My savings have already finished and have made it difficult to get work. My parents in Colombia have also been affected by the virus, so I would like to know if I can receive any help for this time. I appreciate cordially

I need to know if if I can return to my country next May 14, since I have a reservation in Air Europa, the cell phone has been damaged and I can not open my mail to see if you can or have you sent any notification. I would appreciate information about

I do not count on resources to sustain me I want to return to my country and I do not know how to do I have no food and Mine could pay the rent where I am at the moment thanks

I am a Colombian doctor, I entered Europe in January Spain to introduce myself to an exam for specialization, and I wanted to travel backpacker mode in Europe. With low resources, when I returned, I canceled my flight 4 times and I was locked in Budapest and the money is over.

I am an English student at Sunshine Coast, due to the current situation I have online classes and I was out of work, my visa expires in July, I joined this initiative to support the request for a safe return home for all those who want to return to Colombia with our families.

I am Milan, making my teacher and are financing her potatoes. On my dad’s side they reduced the salary by 50%, on the other hand my breast suspended her contract. We currently have less than 1/4 of the income we had. My home is more than half of the current total income.

At this moment I live in Antofagasta … the savings I had use them for payment of documents and I sent Colombia for an emergency with my grandfather who was very bad health and pitifully died … I no longer have how to pay rent. my stay here

I am in Venezuela, it came only 15 days on vacation and I go for two months, I only suit resources for that time, I hold my parents two older adults and to end up adjusting me the labor contract.

I am a motorcycle traveler, I am traveling since 2017 and this situation took me in the city of Buenos Aires. At the beginning it was a chaos, at the moment in a hostel. Waiting to know a possible solution

I am a student, I have more than a month without work and I do not have money anymore.

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