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correct. You will be the person responsible for all of that for any vehicle you own.

At this point, you may want to consider returning the car to avoid further problems (and to obtain proof, such as a signed letter from the recipient, that it was returned). Or, if you think you have the right to keep the car, you should seek legal assistance to help you prove you are the rightful owner (and make sure you have it properly registered with the DMV).

Feel free to ask the question here in the comments and we will try to help you. If you think you need to meet with an attorney, you can find one using our free directory:

Your real mascara lashes. They said that my lashes will be super long and curly. So I wanted to see it for myself. I used 2 different mascara on my eyes. And 2 days later I still have pain. My right eye gives me the burning sensation and it almost feels like I have something in it. It swelled up and at first I thought maybe he really had dirty hands or something, but no, I ordered my Mascara with his tester for my friend. He has the same problems in both eyes. It’s been 2 days since I had it and it hasn’t stopped hurting. I am not sure what to do. I posted a photo on Instagram the day I received it and tried 2 masks. And today I published the one with the swollen eye. The one with the Huda product. Both labeled. I am not sure what to do. I contacted customer service and am still waiting for a response.

Hello Alice. I’m am so sorry about what happened! I think the first thing you should do is visit a doctor. His eyes are fragile and he does not want to suffer any permanent damage or loss of vision. Tell the doctor that you think the condition could be related to the mask. If possible, take the package to the doctor or try to find an ingredient list online so you can show the doctor exactly what the product contains.

If the doctor agrees that the condition could have been caused by something related to an ingredient or bacteria in makeup, call the manufacturer again or send an email to voice your complaint. If the manufacturer does not respond, you can call the retailer where he purchased the product.

If the damage to your eyes is significant or long-lasting and you want to file a lawsuit, you can consult a product liability attorney (which is part of personal injury law).

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