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When Shaman went to bed that night, Alex called him into his room. “Nick wants to adopt me,” he said.

Alex nodded. “He told me the first day that President Lincoln had asked him to step down so he could appoint someone else. Nick thinks it’s time he got back here and retired.

He doesn’t want to get married, but he would like a son. Says he knew he was my father all along.

For the three days we just drove around and looked at his possessions.

He also has a prosperous pencil factory in western Pennsylvania and who knows what else.

Shaman felt sad and angry. “Well, you said you didn’t want to be a farmer anymore.”

“I assured Nick that I had no doubt who my father was. My father was the man who patiently endured my youthful irrationality and my atrocities, taught me discipline and gave me love. I told him my name is Cole. “

Shaman touched his brother on the shoulder. He couldn’t utter a word, just nodded. Then he kissed his brother on the cheek and went to bed.

They collected the prosthesis on the agreed day. Wallace had carved the foot so that you could pull on your sock and shoe.

Alex’s stump was fitted into the socket and the whole thing was fastened with leather straps below and above the knee.

“That’s because your stump is still very tender,” Wallace said. “The more you wear the prosthesis, the more likely calluses will develop. And soon you won’t feel anything at all. “

They paid for the wooden foot and took it home. But Alex put it in the closet in the hallway and refused to put it on.

When he walked, he dragged himself forward on the crutches Jimmie-Joe had made for him in the prison camp.

One morning in mid-March, Billy Edwards was maneuvering a truckload of logs across the yard, trying to turn the team of oxen he had borrowed from young Gruber. Alden stood behind the wagon, leaning on his cane, shouting instructions to him.

Billy obeyed. It was only reasonable to assume that since Alden had ordered him to reverse, he would get out of the way. Alden would have done that a year earlier, but now his mind was telling him to get out of the way, but his illness prevented the order from reaching his legs quickly enough.

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