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It also makes us appear more human and less precocious. I sat staring at my computer for two days until I could bring myself to keep typing, but here are a few things we were wrong about to get started: • Mumia Abu Jamal probably killed this guy. There, I said it. That is not to say that he did not deserve a fair trial or should be executed. But because we don’t want him or anyone else to be executed, we may have exaggerated his defense a little and overlooked the fact that he might actually have killed that policeman. This does not diminish the value of his writings or comments, and does not change the important role he plays on the international political stage. But he probably killed this guy. (M. A. Jamal is an African-American journalist critical of the police who was sentenced to death for murder in 1982. This sentence is repeatedly questioned. A. d.T.) -249-

• Drugs are bad. They ruin you, slow you down and destroy your life. Even if Nancy Reagan can tell me, you should definitely no! to say about drugs. • Men and women are different. We are just not the same sex. Do I have to show you some photos first? We are made that way by nature or society, have our own quirks, desires and habits. The trick is to be careful not to annoy the opposite sex too much with these quirks. For example, few women pull a gun and shoot someone in the street. The chances of a woman robbing you on your way home tonight are close to zero. This quirk is typical of my gender. On the other hand, most men don’t give a damn whether the bed is made or not. Why should you make the bed? Who will notice? What are we doing there, are we protecting the sheets from something they shouldn’t see when we’re at work? • Having sex before you are 18 is really not a good idea. It’s okay, maybe I’m just jealous because I had to wait until 32. Still, the price of teenage sex is pretty high: unwanted pregnancies, STIs, and one ear that’s bigger than the other because you’re constantly listening to see if the front door is open and parents are coming home early. Who is that useful? Also, children today should not be conceived until the parents are well over twenty or even over thirty.

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